Polaris Heavy Duty Replacement CV Joint
Polaris Heavy Duty Replacement CV JointPolaris Heavy Duty Replacement CV Joint

Polaris Heavy Duty Replacement CV Joint – Rhino 2.0

  • Maximized CV size for ultimate strength
  • High articulation angles
  • Industry leading 4340 chromoly for unmatched longevity
  • Precision engineered cage and housing for reduced friction and a smooth range of motion
  • Proprietary heat treat process
  • Boot is made of high-strength, flexible TPEE (Thermoplastic Elastomer)
  • Synthetic grease to keep CVs cool each time you ride

Product Description

Polaris Replacement CV – Rhino 2.0

This is a replacement Rhino 2.0 CV complete with CV, grease, boot, and clamp. Your CV joint is the weakest part of your axle, but if you get a little wild and break one out of warranty, you can replace it without breaking the bank. This CV replacement kit is specifically designed for Rhino 2.0 Axles and features a TPEE boot, a larger CV, increased articulation angles, and a proprietary heat treating process—it’s the same awesome CV joint your Rhino 2.0 came with originally.

Axle Sku Inner CV Outer CV
AX01-001R1 CVK-P-001 CVK-P-004
AX01-002R0 CVK-P-001 CVK-P-004
AX01-003F1 CVK-P-002 CVK-P-004
AX01-004F0 CVK-P-002 CVK-P-004
AX01-005F0 CVK-P-003 CVK-P-004
AX01-006R0 CVK-P-001 CVK-P-004
AX01-007F0 CVK-P-002 CVK-P-004
AX01-008R0 CVK-P-001 CVK-P-004
AX01-009F0 CVK-P-002 CVK-P-004
AX01-010F1 CVK-P-003 CVK-P-004
AX01-012F0 CVK-P-002 CVK-P-004
AX01-012F0S1 CVK-P-002 CVK-P-004
AX01-012F0S2 CVK-P-002 CVK-P-004
AX01-013F0 CVK-P-002 CVK-P-004
AX01-014F0 CVK-P-002 CVK-P-004
AX01-015R0 CVK-P-005 CVK-P-006
AX01-016R2 CVK-P-005 CVK-P-006
AX01-017R2 CVK-P-005 CVK-P-004
AX01-018R2 CVK-P-005 CVK-P-006
AX01-019R0 CVK-P-001 CVK-P-006
AX01-021R0 CVK-P-001 CVK-P-006
AX01-022R2 CVK-P-005 CVK-P-006
AX01-023F-2 CVK-P-007 CVK-P-004
AX01-024F-1 CVK-P-007 CVK-P-004
AX01-025R-0 CVK-P-010 CVK-P-009
AX01-026R-0 CVK-P-010 CVK-P-009
AX01-027F-2 CVK-P-008 CVK-P-004
AX-1-1-F-LT6-DT CVK-P-002 CVK-P-004
AX-1-1-R-LT6-DT CVK-P-010 CVK-P-009
AX-1-69-R-0-DT CVK-P-001 CVK-P-006
AX-1-75-F-0-DT CVK-P-001 CVK-P-004
AX-1-75-R-0-DT CVK-P-001 CVK-P-004
AX-1-79-R-0-BT CVK-P-013
AX-1-79-R-LK6-BT CVK-P-013
AX-1-80-R-0-BT CVK-P-013
AX-1-80-R-LK6-BT CVK-P-013


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Make Model Year
Make Model Year
Polaris RZR RS1 1000 2018
Polaris RZR RS1 1000 2019
Polaris RZR S 1000 2016
Polaris RZR S 1000 2017
Polaris RZR S 1000 2018
Polaris RZR S 1000 2019
Polaris RZR S/Trail/XC 900 2015
Polaris RZR S/Trail/XC 900 2016
Polaris RZR S/Trail/XC 900 2017
Polaris RZR S/Trail/XC 900 2018
Polaris RZR S/Trail/XC 900 2019
Polaris RZR XP 1000 2014
Polaris RZR XP 1000 2015
Polaris RZR XP 1000 2016
Polaris RZR XP 1000 2017
Polaris RZR XP 1000 2018
Polaris RZR XP 1000 2019
Polaris RZR XP 900 2011
Polaris RZR XP 900 2012
Polaris RZR XP 900 2013
Polaris RZR XP 900 2014
Polaris RZR XP Turbo 2016
Polaris RZR XP Turbo 2017
Polaris RZR XP Turbo 2018
Polaris RZR XP Turbo 2019
Polaris RZR XP Turbo S 2018
Polaris RZR XP Turbo S 2019
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