• 720 cranking amps / 12 amp hour capacity @ only 4.3lbs.
  • Two Stage Under Voltage Protection – The IPT will prevent your battery from being accidentally drained by your vehicle, preventing damage to the battery from draining past the point of recovery. By pressing the external reset button, the IPT will reset and provide another chance to start your bike.
  • Cell Balancing – Most commercially available battery chargers can be used with Pulse IPT batteries. The IPT will take care of properly regulating the charge sequence without a special charger.
  • Short Circuit Protection – The IPT will detect a dangerous short circuit and protect the battery from damage.
  • V Direct Multi Terminals – Our terminals provide a direct connection to the IPT for maximum output and minimal resistance. The terminal has 4 threaded mount points, providing you extra positive and negative mounting options to attach accessory wires without having to use long screws on one small terminal.
  • Part #: EC-720RB

Product Description

  • Energycoil Racing has worked exclusively with Full Spectrum Power to produce the world’s best lightweight lithium powersports battery, per ECR specs.All Pulse IPT batteries all have the following features:○IPT Battery Management System (BMS)– Every Pulse IPT battery comes with an integrated BMS which controls the function and behavior of the battery. This means better performance, longer life, and emergency start capability.

    ○IPT Reset– Intelligent Pulse Technology will prevent your battery from being drained. Leave the key in the “on” position for a few months? No problem with the IPT. It will prevent the battery from being drained. Press the IPT Reset button, and you will be able to start your bike.

    ○Universal Charger Capability– Most commercially available battery chargers work with the Pulse IPT batteries.

    ○Advanced Case Design– Lighter and stronger than our previous case, it rejects heat, vibration, gas and oil.

    ○Advanced Cell Design– We designed the Pulse IPT cells to cope with the demands of motorsports. Every component of our cells were designed and optimized for motorsports, based on a decade of experience building engine start batteries. These are only available from Full Spectrum Power.

    ○V Direct Multi Terminal– Our solid copper terminals have 4 threaded mount holes. Attach your accessory wires without having to use long screws on one small terminal.

    ○V Sleeve Silicon Terminal Covers– Color coded for polarity, our silicon terminal covers protect against short circuits.

    Every Pulse IPT battery comes with our Intelligent Pulse Technology, and the IPT Reset feature. Years in development, every feature of the Pulse IPT series of battery was conceived, designed, and created with one goal in mind: to be the most user friendly, reliable, long lasting, best performing battery ever built.

    OEM Direct Fit Equivalent: YT12A-BS, YTX9-BS, YTZ12S, YTZ14S

    Model ECR-PWRS-BATT-720
    Weight 4.3lb/1960g
    Dimensions (metric) 150x87x106mm
    Dimensions (standard) 5.9×3.4×4.2in


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