• BMP billet compressor wheel is 10% larger while being almost 25% lighter than the factory wheel
  • Quicker spool time means faster throttle response
  • Higher achievable boost with lower temps
  • Increased turbo longevity
  • Compatible with any BMP tune
  • Direct bolt-on, no additional modifications required
  • All work is performed to your turbo, no exchange available.
  • Requires your turbo and wastegate assembly to be shipped to our Wisconsin facility
  • Your turbo is inspected before modification and we will recommend repairs if needed (additional cost if repairs needed)


PN: 10-301

Product Description

The factory Polaris 925cc XPT turbo needs upgrading when turning your boost up. The factory turbo can handle stock boost pressures but starts blowing heat above 16 PSI. During the development of our tunes we quickly noticed the boost outlet temp start to skyrocket when above the 16 PSI mark. When heat starts rising faster than boost pressure it is a good indicator that you are approaching your CFM limit for a turbo. We go beyond this limit by modifying the turbo in a way that we can fit a 10% larger compressor wheel into the intake housing. A larger diameter wheel increases blade speed thus increasing potential boost before reaching your CFM limit. Not only is our new compressor wheel 10% larger than factory it is also lighter (Nearly 25% lighter than the stock wheel). A lighter compressor wheel means you’re also reaching your target boost quicker. The Bikeman Performance Turbo Mod will increase the seat of the pants feel, boost potential, and increase turbo longevity due to less wheel speed needed to achieve a given boost pressure. Make your XP Turbo respond quicker like a naturally aspirated car and get the Bikeman Performance XPT Turbo Mod today!

You can continue using the tunes you already have or run any Bikeman Performance tune designed for your vehicle.


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